Rapide Productions are a young and vibrant production team, willing to make films for everyone. We produce our films only to the highest of quality. Can you produce my film? Yes! If you have a script that you dont know what to do with, why dont you use our Script Review service. We are always on the lookout for new and exciting projects, and your script could be what we are looking for! I have an idea, but I dont know how to write it? Then dont worry. Submit your idea to us, and if we feel that this is something we can expand and write for you, we will. We can then produce this for you. Please see our Terms and Conditions for this section. I see one of your productions is casting, how can I audition? Although we are not an agency, we will consider applications for our productions. All audition advertisements will be sent out to the following agencies:

  • Total-Talent.com – Free to Join
  • TalentCircle.co.uk – Free to Join
  • StarNow.co.uk – Subscription Charge Required.

**NEW** We are working on a members only area, that once you have been accepted as a member, you can upload your CV, photos and create a profile. Any other questions you may have, please feel free to contact us! Thanks for viewing!

**NEW FOR 2017**
“If You Go Down To The Woods” Episode Two has now been completed and was released on April 1st 2017!
“If You Go Down To The Woods” Episode three also started filming and should be released in July 2017!

We are also starting production on a couple more titles. We will release more information about these and the casting details later in 2017.